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Kindred of the East is a horror roleplaying setting inspired by Chinese wuxia and Japanese anime. The characters are kuei-jin — damned souls who have crawled out of hell to assume a vampire-like existence in the mortal world. They gather in clans to protect the world from the Yama Kings, the rulers of hell, while trying to attain their own personal enlightenment. Despite their noble intentions, the kuei-jin are still monsters, and still doomed to commit horrors upon the world they claim to protect.

Further information about the setting can be found at the White Wolf Wiki:

Kindred of the East

The various dharmas (the equivalent of “clans”) to which all kuei-jin belong:

Devil Tigers: Follow the p’o virtue. The Devil Tigers are a rigorously ordered sect of vampires who view themselves as replacements for the corrupt demons of the thousand hells. Devil Tigers are eschatonic fanatics and judges of righteousness who corrupt and punish the wicked.

Resplendent Cranes: Follow the hun virtue. Resplendent Cranes are a highly scholastic offshoot of the Devil-Tiger philosophy who cultivate righteousness and seek to turn the Wheel of Ages back to the beginning.

Thrashing Dragons: Follow the yang virtue. Thrashing Dragons seek enlightenment though understanding the living and the lives they never followed in their first existence. They follow a variety of schools which can be indistinguishable from violent hedonism to the uninitiated.

Bone Flowers: The Bone Flowers cultivate the yin virtue and seek enlightenment through the Cold Mind philosophy. They are dispassionate, logical, highly filial and commune with the dead.

Thousand Whispers: The Thousand Whispers Dharma cultivates enlightenment by adopting and then progressively discarding identities, living dozens or hundreds of lifetimes. They are an inscrutable school that outsiders have trouble understanding.

Formally, one player character should belong to each of the five dharmas, but fuck that. Play what you want. Undeath is going to be hard enough without having to play your second choice of character.

The campaign will be set in Japan, because I know Japan better than I know China. (And I think several players know Japan better, too.) If I had my way, for that matter, I’d set it in the late Edo period, but I know there’s a demand for a modern setting.

The Japanese kuei-jin have their own weird organizations and traditions, more on which can be found here: Clans of the Sun.

Awesome character sheets and other supplemental info can be found here: Mr. Gone’s KotE sheets.

Kindred of the East: 地獄

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